Torch Lake Firewood  provides firewood, home heating firewood and campfire wood to northern Michigan areas including Torch Lake, Eastport, Kewadin, Ellsworth and Central Lake.

Types of Firewood

Green Versus Seasoned Firewood
Green firewood contains moisture content greater than 50%. Most wood cut less than 9 months or so is considered green. Healthy trees have a moisture content greater than 60%. This makes burning inefficient because the potential heat (BTUs) is lost through the release of water in it's steam. The only way to decrease moisture in wood is to "split" it - which is opening the inner surfaces and exposing them to air and oxygen. The water will, eventually, evaporate. Wood becomes "seasoned" after the moisture content is reduced.

Signs of green firewood include tight end grains, intact bark, sap, and uniform color. But you won't have to worry about these signs when you purchase your firewood from Torch Lake Firewood. Our product is seasoned for more than 12 months - and covered during the harsh, moist winter months.

Hardwoods Versus Softwoods
Hardwoods are quite dense and produce more heat (BTUs) than soft woods. Hardwoods can be more difficult when starting a fire, but well worth the effort. In addition to producing more heat, they also burn for longer periods of time. While most hardwoods are excellent choices for burning, some are definitely better than others. Poplar and elm, in particular, do not burn well. Softwoods also burn very, very quickly - producing very little heat. They can, however, act as an excellent choice for starting your fire since they ignite easily. Also be aware that softwoods can contribute to an excessive amount of creosote. This is the substance found accumulated in chimneys. This substance, in excessive build-up, is also responsible for many chimney fires. For this reason, burning softwoods indoors should always be kept to a bare minimum.


We deliver firewood in northern Michigan.

This Torch Lake Firewood delivery truck is loaded with seasoned hardwood.


Hardwoods Offered by Torch Lake Firewood
Torch Lake Firewood primarily offers three types of hardwoods: Maple, beech and oak. Following are brief explanations of why we offer these types of hardwoods to our customers.

Maple comes in several varieties including red, black, silver and sugar (also known as hard maple). Red maple is most common to our geographic area - and sugar maple is the best choice when burning firewood. Since Sugar Maple is the best choice for firewood, Torch lake Firewood selects it whenever possible.

Beech wood is easily identifiable by it's unique bark - which looks much like the skin found on elephants. It tends to be very smooth and gray in color. Beech's heating value is much higher than average and is commonly used in wood burning stoves.

Oak is one of the very best types of firewood. There are many varieties of oak but, for firewood purposes, all are excellent choices. Oak trees are often identified by the acorns they produce. With regards to heating output, oak is among the best of the best. When seasoned properly, it burns both long and very, very hot.

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